Thursday, 12 April 2012

A1CS X220 | A1CS X220 Review


Product Description

CPU: Infortm X220 1GHz ARM11 Operating System: Google Android 2.2 Froyo (Currently supports FREE APPS ONLY) Memory: 512MB Display: 10" LCD touchscreen, 1024x600 resolution, 3-way automatic rotating screen Storage: 4GB on board storage - with support for up to 32GB Network: RJ45 Ethernet: 10/100M | WIFI wireless 802.11 b/g Camera: Built-in Camera Speakers: Built-in stereo speakers Colour: Silver/Black Language: Multi-Language OS Weight: 680g Battery: Lithium 3000 HmA/5V high capacity battery Sockets: 1 xTF sockets | 2 x USB sockets | 1 x 3.5mm audio jack | 1 x mic jack | 1 x HDMI socket | 1 x RJ45 Ethernet socket | 1 x power socket Package includes UK charger, earphones, GPS antenna and stylus.

Technical Details

  • Android 2.2 supporting real android market, WIFI and MIFI
  • NEW super quick X220 processor with 512MB DDR2 memory
  • Only 10.2" tablet currently with built-in GPS support
  • High resolution 1024x600 touchscreen display with HD viewing and HDMI direct output
  • Two USB Ports, one MICRO SD ports and one Ethernet port
  • Colour: Combination of Silver and Black


I did some serious research into the Tablet market before deciding to buy the A1CS X220 Android Tablet some ten days ago. It seemed to offer everything I wanted - book reader, internet, email, MP3 player, photo and video viewer, and at a price I was prepared to pay. And it has proved to do all these things and more - I really am pleased and impressed with this product. It is well built, comes with GPS aerial, and transformer with an 8 foot cable, making it easy to use well away from a power point. It is comfortable to hold, light enough to use in bed or in a chair, and I have also used it on a train. The battery lasts for at least three hours before it needs recharging and you can use it with the mains connected as well, although I prefer not too as the mains input cable could get in the way, get pulled and thus damaged. The tablet has three inputs, two USB and one Micro SD card which can take up to 32 Gig capacity.

Never having experience an Android device before, it took me a few days and a lot of fun to get used to the system. Android 2.2 is designed for both Tablets and Telephones and this could cause problems though in practice it has not done so. There is a huge variety of Apps available that cover just about everything you might ever need and some you wonder 'why?'. It comes with a good range of useful apps already loaded including Quick Office, Google Maps and a GPS program, email and Gmail apps, Amazon Kindle, Skype, and a browser, and a range of apps that make the system work effectively. There is a wide range of free apps available through the already installed Google 'Market'. The Manual is small, but almost perfectly formed, and it does contain most of the information you will need at the beginning, although you may need to try things a few times until you get it right. You can also download a Google Android 2.2 Manual from the Internet which is a bit more comprehensive.

I also purchased the 'leather' case with keyboard. This is an excellent addition to the kit and although I have not used the almost full sized keyboard in the lid of the case much yet, I can see that under certain circumstances away from home that it will be most useful. I discovered that the Shift key on the keyboard did not produce capital letters, and an email to A1CS via Amazon was answered the following morning, a micro SD card with a 'fix' on it arrived the next day and all is now working fine. I must say that A1CS is VERY good to deal with, they reply promptly to emails and are most helpful and appreciative of any complimentary comments.

So far this has proved to be an excellent and most enjoyable product - why pay more?

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