Monday, 16 April 2012

MiniGadget MG638 | MiniGadget MG638 Review


Product Description

This is the latest version with an upgraded processor running at 800 MHz It has Android 2.2, supports Flash 10.1 and has UK Android Market - we have even installed Angry Birds and a handful of useful apps to get you started. It now also comes with a UK charger

The MG638 Android 2.2 Tablet Computer with vibrant 7" 800x480 display allows you to surf the web, check emails, watch movies, play games, listen to music...the list goes on and on. With inbuilt Wi-Fi for easy online access, the MG638 is an essential portable media device.

Browse through your photos at the flick of a finger, play music and simply flip through your music library or use an e-book reader as it supports Kindle, iReader etc.

Weighing under 400g and measuring only 20x13x1.5cm the MG638 really is portable and convenient. Its stylish ultra-slim design means you can take it anywhere and it is light and comfortable for you to hold.

Featuring a built in G-Sensor for automatic screen rotation, it has landscape/portrait functionality - when you turn the device, the G-Sensor will detect this and rotate the screen accordingly.

With a built-in 1.3MP forward facing camera (screen side) you can take photos with ease and capture videos with sound as it also features a built-in microphone.

Easy to use!

All you need to do to be up and running’s is log onto your wireless network and enter your email address setting, then its plain sailing!
Want surf the net? Just click 'Browser'.
Want to check your emails? Just click 'Email'.
Want to watch YouTube? Just click 'YouTube'.

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Product Features

  • 7-inch (16:9) TFT LCD resistance touch screen - Built-in G-Sensor
  • Android 2.2 operating system - pre installed with Market and supports Flash 10.1
  • Wi-Fi: 54Mbps 802.11B/G - CPU: Via 8650 800MHz

Technical Details

  • Latest version with 800Mhz Processor and 2GB Hard Drive as standard
  • Supports Flash 10.1
  • Pre-installed with Google Market
  • G-sensor for automatic screen rotation
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi to allow you to surf the web, check emails, watch movies, play games, listen to music etc.
  • Sold exclusively on Amazon by seller JLR-Online Ltd
  • Battery life - around 2-3 hours


I bought this tablet because I wanted something to use for internet and watching videos etc. without having to get the laptop out. Having been using it for a while now, I'm really pleased with the performance.

The screen is good, it’s pretty sensitive and you can easily scroll up and down and 'swipe' through pages or pictures etc. I like the Android OS, it's easy to use and it supports Flash which is good for watching videos.

I use it for travelling as it's handy for music, videos, sending the odd email and I've also used it as an e-book reader. The battery life is fine, I get 2 maybe 3 hours from it depending on what I'm doing.

Overall I'm really happy with it for what I paid, I didn't want to spend hundreds on an Ipad and this is obviously not quite an Ipad, but at about a sixth of the price, I think it's really good value and does exactly what I need it to.

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